Professional Tile Leveling System

Name DLS is now well established among professionals in tile laying and beginning masters. It has proven itself as an indispensable accessory when laying tiles in the houses, apartments and on large construction sites. Many professionals can’t imagine laying tiles without DLS, this system has strongly put roots that has become the quality standard for laying tiles.

A strong push in the DLS system development was the caring attitude of manufacturers and retailers of tiles and porcelain tiles for their buyers. We were the first to offer DLS with the tile purchase, which led to an increase in the reputation and credibility of the companies selling not only the tiles, but also to guarantee the possibility of its efficiency and smoothness.
Thus, these companies have decided to resolve a very important question, preventing potential problems when laying tiles in the future. Satisfying their customer’s needs.

Now DLS system is not only used by professional tilers, but also by ordinary people who noticed the ease in the use of tiling system DLS and decided to renovate their interior, after putting an apron of tile in the kitchen or replacing the tiles in the bathroom and hallway. Now DLS tiling system is used everywhere, regardless of the format of the tiles, stacking area, the destination premises, whether it’s in a villa, apartment, office, restaurant or cafe. Stacking system and aligning of the tiles is very simple and whimsical, the system took every possible test of time and the harsh environment of construction sites. DLS slogan system tiles: – Confidently and accurately.